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Suzhou Central Expressway

Release time:2021-12-20 Author:admin

      The Suzhou Middle Ring Expressway has a total length of about 97 kilometers. Construction officially started on January 31, 2012. It is expected that the entire line will be opened to traffic in October 2014, with a total investment of 22 billion yuan. The east line of the project line takes Xinghua Street in the park, the west line is Jinfeng Road in the high-tech zone, the south line is the ring expressway, the north line is the new 312 national road Taiyang Road, and the part and the west ring are collocated with the north extension. The main line adopts two-way 6 Lane viaducts, tunnels, surface roads and other forms. Set up 27 intercommunication locations including Loujiang, Su Yuzhang, and Chefang. The Suzhou Middle Ring Expressway, together with the rapid inner ring, ring expressway and 8 rapid radiation lines, form an express road network system that radiates from the central city of Suzhou, and together with the urban rail transit network, it has opened up and laid the framework for the development of the Suzhou megacity.

      Application unit: China Railway 16th Bureau
      Application product: Polycarboxylic acid water reducer