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Baoyi Expressway

Release time:2021-12-20 Author:admin

      The Baoyi Expressway has a total length of 120 kilometers, of which 67.61 kilometers within Yichang. The Yichang section of Baoyi Expressway starts from Nanxiang City at the junction of Nanzhang County, Xiangfan City, and connects to Jingyi Expressway via Yuan’an Yangping, Hualin Temple, Dangyang Xiakou, and Shuanglian. The estimated investment in this project is 4.928 billion yuan. The construction of this highway promotes the construction of the Hubei Economic Triangle, the "North-South Tourism Channel" across the country, and the creation of a new land-water transfer channel at the northwest port.

      Application unit: China Railway Eighth Bureau
      Application product: Polycarboxylic acid water reducer