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KH-207 High-performance Polycarboxylate Water Reducer

Release time:2017-07-14 Author:admin

High-performance Polycarboxylate Water Reducer KH-207 (Slow Release Water Reducer, Type D)

KH-207 is slump retention type functional mother liquor based on HUAXUAN polymer technology.
KH-207 is a workability retaining and slump retention admixture for use in concrete applications. This product meets the requirements of ASTM C494, Type A & S. 

KH-207 contains the latest time released polycarboxylate polymer technology, allowing controlled slump extension depending on project needs and actual concreting conditions.

·Excellent Slump retention: KH-207 is designed to be meet the needs of different concrete slump protection through the optimization of the synthetic formula and process.Due to utilization of a new engineered time released polymer allowing controlled and consistent slump extension with minimum initial slump increase,KH-207 allows to transport freshly mixed concrete for larger distances without need of retempering at the job site.

·Water Reduction:Working as a slump retention admixture,KH-207 also has a initial water reduction rate,and the strength growth and structural development of hardened concrete are also significantly improved.

·Workability retaining:KH-207 shows a slow release in the initial half hour, but still can meet the construction demand,and in one hour to two hours, the release will reach the peak and maintain good workability for long slump retention time as required.

Wide adaptability: KH-207 can be used as a stand-alone additive or in combination with any Huaxuan concrete admixture.Concrete admixture added by KH-207 gains a strong adaptability to various raw materials of concrete, and efficiently improving the dosage sensitivity caused by the mud in sand and gravel.

Application Information

HUAXUAN KH-207 is suitable for concrete with high requirements on slump retention, such as mass concrete, long-distance conveying concrete and pumping concrete, especially suitable for maintaining the slump of concrete under long-term transportation and high-temperature construction conditions.

Dosage rates will vary according to materials used, ambient conditions and the requirements of a specific project. HUAXUAN recommends dosage at 0.1%-0.48% of cementitious for general concrete applications.

Dosage rates outside the recommended range may be used where specialized materials are specified, extreme ambient conditions are encountered or unusual project conditions require special consideration. Please contact your Huaxuan representative for more information and assistance. 

Mixing:KH-207 can be added directly to freshly mixed concrete in the concrete mixer at the end of batching cycle. For best superplasticizing results,KH-207 is also recommended to use with KH-204,The ratio of KH-204(WR) and KH-207(SR) is (90%~50%): (10%~50%), and after mixing the dosage should be 0.05%~0.45% of the cementitious material.

Packaging and Storage                                                   

This product is liquid and has a shelf life of 12 months.  According to actual needs,1000kg IBC tanks and 200kg barrels can be provided.

Basis of Product Data                  

Results may differ based upon statistical variations depending upon mixing methods and equipment,temperature, application methods, test

 methods, actual site conditions and curing conditions.

Environmental,Health and Safety        

Non-hazardous and non-toxic.For further information and advice regarding transportation, handling, storage and disposal of chemical products,

user should refer to the actual Safety Data Sheets containing physical, environmental, toxicological and other safety related data. User must read

the current actual Safety Data Sheets before using any products.