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KH-204 High-performance Polycarboxylate Water Reducer

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KH-204 High-performance Polycarboxylate Water Reducer

KH-204 is a high range water reducing and superplasticizing admixture. HUAXUAN KH-204 meets the requirements for ASTM C-494 Types A and F.

KH-204 is water reducing type functional mother liquor based on HUAXUAN polymer technology.

Ultra High Water Reduction:  KH-204 can be dosed in small amounts to obtain water reduction from 10-18%, and will achieve water reduction up to 45 % at highdosage rates. KH-204 is suitable for all levels of water reduction.                   

·High Plasticity and Cohesion: KH-204 is designed to be extended the side chains when polymering,which effectively hindering the secondary agglomeration between cement particles.Therefore, the superplasticizing action of KH-204 provides high dispersibility,flowing concrete that maintains excellent workability.KH-204 maintains excellent cohesion within the concrete matrix, and eliminates excessive bleeding or segregation.

KH-204 provides the following benefits in concrete:

▪Good early strength and reinforcement.The higher ultimate strengths allow for greater engineering design flexibility and structural economies.

▪Reduced water cement ratios produce more durable,dense concrete with reduced permeability.

▪Highly effective plasticizer effectively improved its shrinkage and creep properties and reduces surface defects like cracks in concrete elements and improves aesthetic appearance.

KH-204 is formulated to provide maximum water reduction, increased early strength, improved finishing characteristics.And its low alkali content significantly reduce the alkali-aggregate reaction of concrete and improve the freeze-thaw resistance of concrete.

KH-204 not contain formaldehyde,calcium chloride or any other intentionally added chlorides, and will not initiate or promote the corrosion of steel present in the concrete.

 Application Information              

Dosage rates will vary according to materials used, ambient conditions and the requirements of a specific project. HUAXUAN recommends dosage at 3–8 fl.oz. per 100 lbs. (195–520 ml/100 kg) of cementitious for general concrete applications.

Dosage rates outside the recommended range may be used where specialized materials are specified, extreme ambient conditions are encountered or unusual project conditions require special consideration. Please contact your Huaxuan representative for more information and assistance. 

Mixing:For best superplasticizing results,KH-204 can be added directly to freshly mixed concrete in the concrete mixer at the end of batching cycle. KH-204 is also recommended to use with other admixtures,if used in combination with other HUAXUAN-KH series products,it may affect retaining workability of concrete.Pls contact Huaxuan representative for further information. 

  Packaging and Storage                                                   

·This product is liquid and has a shelf life of 12 months.                                    

·According to actual needs,1000kg IBC tanks and 200kg barrels can be provided.

Environmental,Health and Safety

Non-hazardous and non-toxic.For further information and advice regarding transportation, handling, storage and disposal of chemical products, user should refer to the actual Safety Data Sheets containing physical, environmental, toxicological and other safety related data. User must read the current actual Safety Data Sheets before using any products.