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KH-206 PCE Superplasticizer

Release time:2023-08-29 Author:admin

High-performance Polycarboxylate Water Reducer KH-206(High-Range and Retarding, Type G)

KH-206 is a multi range water reducing and slump retaining admixture utilizing HUAXUAN Technology. KH-206 is designed to meet the requirements for ASTM C-494 Types A and F.
KH-206 is water reducing and slump retention type functional mother liquor based on HUAXUAN polymer technology.

KH-206 has excellent slump retention and high water reduction rate through molecular structure optimization design, which greatly improves the plastic index of fresh concrete and improves its pumping and construction properties. At the same time, the strength growth and structural development of hardened concrete have also been significantly improved. KH-206 meets various requirements for concrete slump protection under pumping, medium and low slump, long-term transportation, and high-temperature construction conditions.

KH-206 is a powerful superplasticizer based on advanced technology which gives the following advantages:

·Water Reduction from 10-15%, and will achieve water reduction up to 45% at high dosage rates. KH-206 is suitable for all levels of water reduction.

·The superplasticizing action of KH-206 provides high slump, flowing concrete that maintains excellent workability and may be placed with minimal vibration even at very low water cement ratio. KH-206 plasticized concrete is highly fluid while maintaining complete cohesion within the concrete matrix to eliminate excessive bleeding or segregation.

·Extended Slump Life and Set Control to provide controlled and predictable extended slump life for periods of 45 to 90 minutes with normal set times. And KH-206 has been formulated to provide maximum water reduction and extended slump retention at low dosages.

KH-206 does not contain calcium chloride or any other intentionally added chlorides and will not contribute to corrosion on steel reinforcement present in the concrete.


KH-206 is suitable for concrete with high requirements for slump retention, such as large-volume concrete, long-distance conveying concrete and pumping concrete. It is especially suitable for maintaining concrete slump under long-term transportation and high-temperature construction conditions,also it’s suitable for various Water conservancy, marine engineering, ports, transportation, electric power and other national key projects that require high concrete performance,especially recommended for high-strength/ high-performance concrete, super-fluid, earthquake-free and self-compacting concrete.

Dosage rates will vary according to materials used, ambient conditions and the requirements of a specific project. HUAXUAN recommends dosage at 0.1%-0.62% of cementitious for general concrete applications.

Dosage rates outside the recommended range may be used where specialized materials are specified, extreme ambient conditions are encountered or unusual project conditions require special consideration. Please contact your Huaxuan representative for more information and assistance. 
Mixing:For best superplasticizing results, KH-206 can be added directly to freshly mixed concrete in the concrete mixer at the end of batching cycle. KH-206 is also recommended to use with other additives such as air entraining agent for different concrete purpose. Please contact your Huaxuan representative for more information and assistance.

 Packaging and Storage:

This product is liquid and has a shelf life of 12 months.                                     

According to actual needs, 1000kg IBC tanks and 200kg barrels can be provided.