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HX-ZXJ Cement Content reducing Admixture

Release time:2023-07-14 Author:admin

1.Cement Content reducing Admixture(HX-ZXJ)             


HX-ZXJ is composed of polymer surfactant, which can significantly improve the easy performance of concrete under appropriate dosage, and and reduce cement consumption, which can ensure the development of concrete strength in the late stage. The product does not contain chlorine salt, sulfate and alkali metal ions, which can guarantee the durability of concrete. The product is suitable for self-compacting concrete, mass concrete, low grade and high grade concrete.


  1. Improve the strength of concrete: under the condition of keeping the strength unchanged, it can reduce the amount of cement by 10%~15%.
  2. Improvement of concrete compatibility: Reduce problems such as water seepage and segregation of concrete, improve durability of concrete.
  3. Good compatibility with all types of admixtures, suitable for all types and grades of concrete.
  4. Green:Non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting and non-radioactive, does not contain chlorine ions.

Technical Data

Reference to standards
Colorless or light yellow liquid
Solid Content
75 - 77%
Density @25
1.06-1.12 g/cm3
JC/T 2469-2018
PH Value @ 20
JC/T 2469-2018
Chloride Content
JC/T 2469-2018
Total alkali content


Commercial concrete for industrial and civil buildings, reinforced concrete, prestressed reinforced concrete, etc.

Product Packaging and Storage:

25kg 200kg 1000kg barrels

Should be stored in cool, ventilated conditions, away from heat sources, keep the container sealed, this product should be stored separately from other chemicals