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Polycarboxylic Acid Superplasticizer


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Product introduction

The equipment is made of pre-reaction system, main reaction system, centralized control system, dropping system, energy system, compound system. The equipment is a complete set of automatic production equipment integrating synthesis and compounding.

Product characteristics

Normal temperature technology: canceling the traditional heating equipment, and using self exothermic energy to make polymerization reaction.

Technology support: providing the whole process's technology support and providing the whole set concrete problems solution scheme from synthesis to compounding. And providing technology upgrade service at any time.

Routine water sources: no need to retrofit deionization water equipment, general water source can synthetize high quality mother liquor.

Cancel steel platform: putting materials in the low place.Ground operation, low labour cost. Factory building height can as low as 4m.

Moveable type equipment: modular assembly of equipment,easy convenient assembly and disassembly, reducing mother liquor finished product transport cost.

Automatic design: automatic drip system.High-end equipment can realize one key intelligent production. Automatic feedback. Whole course monitoring.

Various product: the equipment can product many brand name's high water cut, high slump retention mother liquor. At the same time can product slump inhibitor, antifreeze, accelerator and other kinds of products. Meeting the needs of multiple applications.

Green environmental protection: fully enclosed production. No waste emissions,creating primary green ecological production environment.

Conditions of building factories

Factory area: about 150~200 square meters.Ground needs concrete's hardening handle.

Factory building height: over 4 meters.

Water source: tap water or testing qualified well water.

Charger: 380V alternating current, 50KW.

People: 2

Mother liquor production capacity: 3000 ton/year/per product

Finished production capacity: 1000015000 ton/year


Equipment certificates and patents

Hubei province scientific and technological achievements grade certificates. 3 equipment invention patents, 2 water reducing agent synthetic patents.               

Cooperation cases

Polycarboxylate water reducer composite equipment was put into production in commission and new factory in Xinjiang Yili since 2012. The equipment has been deep cooperated with national large cement companies, civil commercial enterprises. For example, automatic polycarboxylate water reducer composite equipment was put into production in Yadong (Wuhan) cement commercial mixed enterprise, half automatic polycarboxylate water reducer composite equipment was put into production in Tower Brand(Jiangxi) commercial mixed enterprise, national west railway construction project material company's project and so on. These equipments not only let our cooperators get obvious economy benefits, but also improve the company's image.


Why choose us:

      HUAXUAN HIGH TECHNOLOGY® Company is dedicated to providing customers with the complete solutions from basic raw materials to the final admixture products. Whats more,it provides customized services and tailored formula. Based on the product compatibility experiment, HUAXUAN HIGH TECHNOLOGY®s engineers will design the best-fit production process according to the customer’s available resources and materials. To meet the environmental requirements from customers, HUAXUAN HIGH TECHNOLOGY® provides automatically controlled production equipment with high accuracy.

      HUAXUAN HIGH TECHNOLOGY® has been granted a number of national patent certificates in the field of products and equipments. There are hundreds of businesses globally using its technology and equipment. HUAXUAN HIGH TECHNOLOGY® always take customers’ satisfaction and needs as principle,honesty as base and continuous breaking troubles through technology as faith.

      Product raw material

      In addition to product formula and production equipment, HUAXUAN HIGH TECHNOLOGY® also provides raw materials for production based on customers’ specific requirements.

Advantages of choose HUAXUAN HIGH TECHNOLOGY®:

      1. HUAXUAN HIGH TECHNOLOGY® has been working together with major raw material suppliers in China for a long-term. Bulk procurement can assure stable quality, but at a lower cost.

      2. HUAXUAN HIGH TECHNOLOGY® owns strong inspection technology and quality assurance system, which ensures the quality each batch of raw material to reach the production requirements. Thus, its downstream partners may save time and cost.

      3. HUAXUAN HIGH TECHNOLOGY® owns over 15000 square meter warehouse, and its sufficient product inventory ensures on-time delivery.

      4. HUAXUAN HIGH TECHNOLOGY® owns one-stop shopping platform to help its customers improve cash flow. Benefit from long term cooperation with logistic company,we also get a lower price in shipping.


Steps of technology transferring:

      5. Designing a production line based on customers’ technical requirements and physical site condition. Conducting a preliminary feasibility analysis.

      6. Providing essential equipment specifications, assisting equipment purchase, issuing bank guarantee, and instructing equipment installation and commissioning.

      7. Transferring product formulation and manufacturing process.

      8. Training the employees to produce qualified products.

      9. Designing and setting up laboratories.

      10. Training lab workers so that they can independently test finished products and raw materials.

      11. Contact me to know more about Tailored Solutions