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Release time:2022-05-30 Author:Zhang Yujie

Compared with traditional dispersants, polycarboxylate dispersants not only have good dispersing effect, but also are easy to prepare and less affected by the suspension environment. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications in many fields.

1. Pesticide industry: With the continuous development of pesticide hydration formulations, the requirements for dispersants are getting higher and higher. At present, polycarboxylate has become one of the main choices of pesticide dispersants because of its low dosage, colorless and good dispersing effect. It is used in pesticides SC, WDG and WP.


2. Daily chemical field: Polycarboxylate has good solubility, sludge removal and resistance to hard water. It is an important ingredient in detergents and can be used as an anti-redeposition agent in toiletries.


3. Construction field: As the third generation water reducing agent, polycarboxylate has significant advantages in water reduction, impermeability, environmental protection, etc.


4. Coal water slurry dispersant. The research shows that the polycarboxylate salt coal slurry dispersant with polyethylene glycol structural unit has good dispersing performance.


5.Other industrial fields: Polycarboxylate has good penetrating power and foaming properties, so it is often used as penetrating agent and detergent in the textile printing and dyeing industry. At the same time, because of its strong designability of molecular structure, adjustable molecular weight, and wide source of raw materials, it is also commonly used as a water reducing agent in ceramics.