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Wuhan Huaxuan signed a contract of 200T polycarboxylate liquid exported to Algeria

Release time:2017-07-13 Author:admin

Our company recently signed a contract of 200T polycarboxylate liquid with the Zhejiang customer, in which the first delivery of 28T was transported to Algeria from Huaxuan Industry Zone, Wujin Industrial Park, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone. 


The customer has been working on supplying construction materials to Chinese construction and engineering enterprises in Algeria. After investigating several domestic manufacturing enterprises of polycarboxylate liquid and taking back their samples, they put all the samples and made comparative tests between the domestic and Sika samples which were used in the constructions of Algeria, and drew a conclusion that Wuhan Huaxuan liquid's quality was excellent and stable with price and technological advantages. 


We signed a contract in October,2016, in which the first batch 200T polycarboxylate liquid was confirmed to be delivered to Algeria expecting to have a long-term partnership of materials supply for the local market.