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PC-306 UHPC PCE Superplasticizer

Release time:2024-01-27 Author:admin

Product Description:

HUAXUAN® HIGH TECHNOLOGY PC-306E is a powdered polycarboxylate superplasticizer/water reducer produced based on polycarboxylate technology. Through the optimization of molecular configuration and synthesis process, it is a new generation of water reducer product with a high water reduction rate and early strength characteristics, It is suitable for UHPC with a low water-cement ratioand high strength requirements.


white powder
Solid effective Content
Water-reducing rate
Bulk Density(g/l)
pH(10% water solution)
Chloride icon content(%)
Alkali content 


1.High Water Reduction Rate
With a low dosage, it possesses a high water reduction effect, suitable for low water-cement ratio applications
2.High Dispersion
It has excellent dispersibility, and can be quickly asorbed, giving the fresh pastes excellent workability and constructability
3.High Compatibility It has excellent adaptability with various cement-based systems.
4.High Early and Later-age strength
It exhibits excellent early-stage and later-stage strength.
5.High Durability
It enhances the compactness of the hardened pastes, improves shrinkage and creep performance, reduces cracks, and improves durability,
6.Eco Friendly
Does not contain harmful substances, safe and environmentally friendly.

Ultra High Performance concrete (UHPC), or other high strength, high performance concrete
Cement-based self-leveling material
Various cement concrete prefabricated components and products
Cement-based grouting material, pressing slurry, grouting material, etc.
Used as dispersant in special fields such as coatings and printing and dyeing auxiliaries

Instructions for Use

PC-306E needs to be mixed evenly with other dry powder components.The constructionmixing and application should be carried out according to the specific requirements of the different fields of application. The recommended dosage of PC-1011 is between 0.10% and 0.50% of the binders.The exact amount to be used should be determined by trial mixing based on the application system and variations in the dry-mix components.

Implement the standard GB 8076-2008 "Concrete Admixtures"; GB 50119-2013 "Technical Specifications for the Application of Concrete Admixtures".