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PC-826 Retarder water reducer

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Powdered High- Performance Polycarboxylate Water Reducer (Slow Release Water Reducer,Type D)

  1.Product characteristics                      

PC-826 is a powdered polycarboxylate superplasticizer made by the modification of polyether polymers through a special spray drying process. It's a new generation of retarding water reducer product with high plasticity retention.

  2. Product Performance               

·High Plasticity Retention: It has excellent slump retention, significantly extends the operable time, and reduces the time loss of concrete fluidity.

·High Dispersibility: It has excellent dispersing ability, can be rapidly absorbed, reducing the mixing time.

·High Durability: It enhances the compactness of the hardened slurry, improves shrinkage and creep performance, reduces cracks, and improves durability.

·Eco Friendly: Does not contain harmful substances, safe and environmentally friendly.

   3.Main technical indicators        

No. Testing Value
1 Appearance  
White       powder
2 Water reduction rate /%
3 Solid content/%
4 Bulk densit/(g/L)    
5 Chloride ion content/%  
6  PH value (20% solution,20℃) 
7 Alkali content/%     
8 Sodium sulfate content/%
9 Moisture content/%
10 Gas content/%
11 Initial Setting/min

 4.Application Information               

PC-826 is suitable for various portland cement concrete systems. Such as in:                                           

   ·All types of concrete                                      

   ·Concrete that needs to maintain its working performance for a long time.

   5.Instructions for Use                   

·This product can be measured and mixed directly into the concrete along with the mixing water. However, it is better to first mix PC-826 with water and then add to the concrete to form a premix before adding this premix to the concrete.

·The recommended dosage is 0.05-0.20% of the cementitious materials, but the exact dosage should be determined by trial mixing based on the concrete design requirements and the actual raw materials situation.

·This product can also be first added to the appropriate amount of water to create a liquid with the required solids content, then added to the concrete according to the recommended dosage.

·Must be used in combination with type A water reducer.

  6.Packaging and Storage                

· This product is powder and has a shelf life of 12 months.

· According to actual needs, 25kg/ bag, 500kg/ ton bag, 1000kg/ tray.