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HUAXUAN Partner with Guangdong Tapai Group Inc.(STOCK NUMBER:002233.SZ)

Release time:2022-09-30 Author:admin
    On May 7, 2014, Lai Jianhua, Chief Engineer of Guangdong TAPAI Group Co., Ltd., Ye Qing from New Materials Division, Guo Jinping, General Manager of its joint venture Guangdong Huaxinda Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd., and Chief Engineer Ouyang came to our Economic Development Zone together.    Wujin Industrial Park Huaxuan Industrial Park conducted a field inspection on the new polycarboxylate superplasticizer production equipment developed by our company and Wuhan University of Technology, and discussed other projects and technologies of our technical strategic cooperation units. Ma Baoguo, our general technical consultant and chief professor of Wuhan University of Technology, Xiao Jia, the executive director of equipment research and development, professor of Central South University, Ma Ling, general manager, and the main technical backbone engineers of the equipment project accompanied the whole investigation and investigation.  

    The inspection team first came to the industrial park to conduct on-site inspections on the installed two sets of industrial pilot lines and the proposed two new demonstration lines, equipment use and production process. We introduced the cancellation of the superplasticizer production equipment in detail. Steel platform, reduced labor intensity, high-precision measurement, stable product quality and performance, green environmental protection, etc., are the differences and competitiveness of similar equipment manufacturers in the current market.Afterwards, the visiting leaders listened to Professor Ma's technical report on the green manufacturing project of new polycarboxylate superplasticizers in the temporary studio of the industrial park. President Guo of Huaxinda believes that this set of equipment is really eye-catching. Its convenience, high-precision design, environmental protection, and adjustable formula can meet the requirements of different formulas of more than 80 mixing stations under the Tabai Group.
    In addition, relying on the research and development strength of Wuhan University of Technology, we can continuously provide the optimization scheme of superplasticizer for the mixing plant of Tabai Group in real time. The two parties made a preliminary confirmation on the content of the quotation system for the equipment project, and obtained the new polycarboxylic acid mother liquor produced by the equipment on site.At the symposium, the leaders of the new materials business department of Tapai Group and Professor Ma had an in-depth discussion on related technologies. He said that the new project of Tapai Group is expected to enter Wuhan, and cooperate with our platform to carry out higher-level cooperation.On August 1, 2014, Guangdong TAPAI Group Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Huaxuan High-tech Co., Ltd. signed the "Joint Venture Contract" and "Guangdong Tower-Wuhan" in Jiaoling County, Guangdong Province for joint investment and operation of new materials industry. Huaxuan New Materials Industry Development Cooperation Framework AgreementAs of today, Wuhan TAPAI Huaxuan New Materials Co., Ltd. has entered the international market, and some products are being sold on