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What's concrete pumping agent?And how to make it?

Release time:2022-08-30 Author:Zhang Yujie

What is a concrete pumping agent?

Pumping superplasticizers are mainly superplasticizers, or high-performance water-reducing agents, which combine coagulants, plasticizers, air-entraining agents and other chemical admixtures that improve specific properties of concrete.

What are the functions of the pumping agent?

Admixtures that can improve the pumping performance of concrete mixtures become pumping agents. The so-called pumping agent means that the concrete mixture can smoothly pass through the conveying pipeline without clogging, segregation and good viscoplasticity.

What are the main components of the pumping agent? How to make concrete pumping agent?

1. Water reducer

2. Retarder
3. Air-entraining agent
4. Thickener
5. Clay Stabilizer
6. Inorganic admixtures (mineral admixtures)
7. Drag reducer
8. Pump Loss Inhibitor

Pumping agent technical parameters (TDS):

Water reduction rate ≥12%

Bleeding ratio≤70
Air content≤5.5
1 hour slump change with time ≤80mm
Compressive strength ratio: 7 days ≥ 115%, 28 days ≥ 110%
Shrinkage ratio of 28 days≤135%