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Ship lock and bridge engineering of Xiangjiang Changsha Junction
The Xiangjiang Changsha Comprehensive Junction Ship Lock and Left Branch Bridge Project is located in Gaotangling Town, Wangcheng County, Changsha City, Hunan Province. It is the lowest cascade of the Xiangjiang River Mainstream Plan, 128 kilometers away from Zhuzhou Navigation and Power Hub, and the controlled drainage area is 90,500 square kilometers. The project mainly includes ship lock, sluice gate, power station, dam crest road bridge, fishway, bank revetment and contract developer’s camp. The main building includes a two-way double-line 2000-ton ship lock (the first domestic ship lock to be built at the same time, the lock chamber is 280 meters long, 34 meters wide, and the threshold water depth is 4.5 meters). The designed annual passing capacity is 38 million tons and the installed capacity is 80,000 kilowatts. The power station has an average annual power generation of 320 million kWh, 33 sluice gates, a preliminary normal water level of 31 meters, a maximum design head of 7.7 meters, and a design flood flow of 26,000 cubic meters per hour. It is currently the largest inland river lock in China.
Application unit: China Communications Second Aviation Bureau
Application product: mineral powder