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Guanhui Intercity Railway

The Guanhui Intercity Railway is one of the radiation lines of the Pearl River Delta Intercity Rail Transit Network Plan approved by the State Council. It is also one of the backbone projects of rail transit in the east bank of the Pearl River Estuary. At Huizhou Railway Station, the whole line is about 97 kilometers long and the target speed is 200 kilometers per hour. The total investment of the project is 25.345 billion yuan. After three technical adjustments, the indicators are clearly improved. It is expected to be put into operation at the end of 2013, and the total construction period is 4.5 year.

Application unit: China Railway 10th Bureau, China Railway 25th Bureau

Application products: Accelerator (liquid), Accelerator (powder)

Yinxi Railway

The Yinxi Railway starts from Yinxichang of Xi’an North Station, goes northwest through Xianyang, Liquan, Qianxian, Yongshou, and Binzhou, and then enters Gansu. It passes through Ning County and reaches Dongzhiyuan to Qingyang, passes through Dongzhiyuan and arrives at Qingcheng. The river passes through Quzi, Huan County, and the mountain city, climbs over Yandun Mountain, crosses Tianshuibao into Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, walks along National Highway 211, passes through Wuzhong City, crosses the Yellow River, passes through Lingwu City to Hedong Airport, sets up an underground station, turns west and crosses the Yellow River into the urban area. Connect to Yinchuan Station along the South Ring Expressway and Baolan Railway. The total length is 618 kilometers, with 18 passenger 

Application unit: China Railway 11th Bureau, China Railway 19th Bureau
Application product: composite admixture
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